Stage 0
Installing water filtration system


Water Filtration Systems

99.8% Pure Drinking Water at Home

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Stage 1
Removing solids and suspended substances.
What inside tap water?

What’s inside tap water?

Let's take a look on facts:

  • Tap water consist more than 300 different chemicals and substances. 20 out 300 are tested by Water supplier,while others are considered as SAFE.But how you can be sure about that?
  • Tap water runs in cast iron pipes. Most of them have laid underground for more than 150 years. Some of a houses water feed are made from lead, which is toxic for everyone. Are you sure that lead pipes do not feed your house?
  • Researches show that tap water can contain dangerous contaminants like chlorine, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria or even cocaine. So, do you really think that our water is SAFE to drink?
Stage 2
Removing chlorides, gases and organic substances.
Our technology

Our technology

Reverse osmosis is the most efficient, cost effective and environment-friendly water filtration technology. It is based on pushing water through multi-layered semipermeable membrane to remove larger particles.

  • 99,8%
    Reverse osmosis filters are capable of removing up to 99,8% of contaminants from the tap water. And here is the part of the list.
  • 0,1 nm
    Reverse osmosis membrane pore size goes down to 0,1 nm, which is the same size as a water molecule.
    That is the reason why it produces the purest water in the world.
  • 6 months
    Moreover the only regular service this system needs is a twice-a-year cartridge replacement. Membrane should be replaced annually.
    That's why this system very is efficient.
Stage 3
Removing chloro-organic compounds and solids
Stage 4
Removing everything else.
Our Service

Our Service

  • 1. Free installation for our customers in London and areas within 30 miles. Customers from the rest of UK please ask our managers for special offers.
  • 2. Free and Fast delivery for our customers in the rest of England, Wales and Scotland.
  • 3. We keep you informed about your cartridge replacement time to make sure you use only pure water.
  • Guaranties:

    • 1-year manufacturer warranty;
    • No middleman involved;
    • 14 days money back guarantee.
    Free shipping for our cus-
    tomers in United Kingdom.
    Free shipping for our cus-
    tomers in United Kingdom.
    Free engineer visit for our customers in London and areas within 30 miles. Free installation.
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